Summary Of The Latest Croatia Travel Experiences In 2019

You are planning to travel to Croatia but are still inexperienced. So, the Croatian travel experiences in this article are like: When to go? How to go? Where to go? It will definitely help you.

Your European travel trip will surely become more interesting and memorable if you come to Croatia. This is a beautiful and extremely charming country located right on the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Adriatic. Croatian tourism attracts visitors with beautiful natural sights, magnificent palaces, ancient churches and romantic beaches. Moreover, Croatia is a country that possesses a long-standing culture with rich historical periods. Why don't you try traveling to Croatia once? And don't forget to read the Croatian travel experiences that we share in this article.

The most essential Croatian travel experience

Croatian travel experience about travel time

Croatia is a country located in a climate mixed with different regions. Winter in Croatia the weather is often very cold, the average temperature is always very low, only about -5 degrees Celsius and often with snow. In contrast, the summer is very hot.

According to the Croatian travel experience, the best time to come here is in the spring or fall. In spring and autumn, the weather and climate in Croatia is not only pleasant but also takes place a lot of special festivals and activities, helping you to have interesting experiences.

Experience moving to Croatia Currently, the only way you can travel to Croatia from Vietnam is by plane. However, there are no airlines that have direct flights from Vietnam to Croatia. Visitors are required to fly in transit through 1 to 2 intermediate locations. There are many reputable airlines for you to choose as Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa, Thai Airways, ... According to Croatian travel experience, even if traveling Croatia at any time, you should also book tickets in advance. You can go to airline websites to get a chance to get cheap tickets.

How to move in Croatia

The transport system in Croatia is quite developed and especially very convenient and fast. Guests will have many choices to move in Croatia.

Go by bus or subway

Like many other countries in the European region, subway and bus are also two popular modes of transport in Croatia. The bus and subway system in Croatia are not only convenient but also extremely cheap, so it is often chosen by tourists.

By bicycle
A rather interesting experience when traveling to Croatian cities is to ride a bike to see the street scene. You can easily rent a bicycle at car rental shops or at the hotel where you live.
Taxi prices in Croatia are always publicly listed, so if there is a need to move between tourist locations in the city, taxis are a reasonable choice.
Croatian travel experience about tourist destinations
Dubrovnik city
Dubrovnik is a must-see destination for anyone traveling to Croatia. In medieval times, the city of Dubrovnik with Venice was the busiest and busiest commercial center of Europe. Visiting the city of Dubrovnik, visitors will see ancient architecture, churches, monasteries with beautiful red roof tiles.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is considered a perfect tourist destination in Croatia. If you don't like the noise and want to find somewhere peaceful, Lokrum Island is an ideal choice for you. Coming to Lokrum Island, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful natural space, be immersed in the cool blue sea water, discover countless interesting things of this beautiful island.

Mlijet Island
Another very beautiful and famous island in Croatia that you can explore is Mlijet Island. The island is quite large and is located in the southern waters of Croatia. Covering most of the island's area are lush green forests, so the atmosphere on the island is always cool and pleasant.

Pula Arena
The Pula arena is an ancient arena that was built in Croatia from the 1st century. This arena can accommodate about 26 thousand people. Visiting this arena, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the unique architectural art works of the mighty Roman empire in the past, to participate in special festivals, ...


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