8 Important Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Italy

1. Don't feed pigeons.

Perhaps for the pigeons to eat in the squares or churches is a familiar setting in many European cities, but this is illegal in Venice and Italy. Previously the area of ​​St Mark's Square was allowed to feed birds but since 2008, the city has issued a ban to reduce the number of birds here and avoid disease. So, to a peaceful city like Venice, you can only play or take pictures with these peaceful birds, but you should not allow them to eat, because the penalty for violators is quite high, about 700USD.


2. Dress discreetly when going to the Vatican.

The Vatican in Rome is a cathedral of Christianity and is also one of the holiest places in the world. Therefore, if you want to set foot in the Vatican, you need to dress discreetly, politely because any clothes that are shoulder-opening, not covering your hands or not covering your knees are not acceptable in this place. Even Italians, though dressed extremely attractive on the streets every day, have to be dressed discreetly in the Vatican.

3. Give tips.
Tipping can be an integral part of the culture in many other countries but not in Italy. Therefore, when you go to restaurants and shops in Italy, you do not have to leave tips or tips for employees. If a service makes you really happy and happy, you can still leave a tip if you want, but never give a waiter a tip because it makes them feel offended. Together are cities in Europe but each place has its own culture, you need to understand and respect the differences in each place to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

4. Learn some Italian greetings.
Agreeing English is an international language and an effective tool for communicating when you travel in Western countries, but Italians are not really good people in English, so you need to prepare yourself for some local language communication to be able to ask for directions, stations, stations ... or explore the street more easily. Not only that Italians will be very interested if you are willing to learn about their language and are also happy to help if you ask. And in case of language disagreement occurs, just 'body language' straight ahead.

Some simple Italian words that you can apply such as: Ciao (hello), grazie (thank you), ci vediamo (see you again) ...

5. Say 'Permesso' when invited to the house.

If you are invited to an Italian home, show that you are polite and know how to behave by saying 'Permesso' before entering the house, this is a way to ask for permission from the landlord.

6. Silence at the right time.

One of the important things you need to know when traveling to Italy is to know how to keep quiet at the right time. In many cases, if you encounter a bunch of fighters or something unusual that may be related to the mafia, you should better consider not seeing, knowing nothing to avoid trouble and being safer.

7. Differentiate Gondola and Traghetto boats.

Gondolas are an indispensable feature of the romantic city of Venice, this long boat, curved head and some decorative patterns, however the cost of sitting on a gondola and cruising the channel is not cheap, specifically $ 65 / person. If you want to save more, you can hire a Traghetto instead of Gondola, this is a boat that Italians often use to travel on canals, this Traghetto is not much different from Gondola but cost 'seed. It's a lot more, only about 5USD / person.

8. Don't ask for cheese to put on seafood pasta.

And finally, when you have meals in Italian restaurants, never ask a waiter to add cheese to eat with seafood pasta. One of the most important things in Italian cuisine is don’t mixing cheese with seafood. Also, don't use cutlery or fork to cut Spaghetti if you don't want to be stigmatized by people around you.

With 8 important things you should be aware of when traveling to Italy, you will avoid awkward situations because of cultural differences and enjoy a full Italian vacation.

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