Travel Italy - Come To Visit The Fairy Town With "Stone Huts" With 1-0-2 In The World

On the beautiful Italian map, the southern Puglia peninsula is likened to the "boot heel" due to its distinctive shape. This is where the village of Alberobello is located, a small town in the city of Bari (capital of Puglia), has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage with 1,500 unique trullo houses.

Trullo are houses in Puglia, which look like huts, whose roofs are made of stone, conical shaped like a cone, not plastered to be quickly dismantled to evade taxes during King Ferdinand I's time (at that time Fixed housing must pay taxes to the king). It was later used as a storehouse for agricultural products or temporary shelter for farmers whenever it was harvested.

It is also thanks to the special look of the houses that Puglia's market today attracts a lot of tourists to visit, "stone roof huts" that make people think of houses in fairy tales and throne. the Dwarf's house or where the princesses reside when lost in the deep forest.

The most developed period of trullo was in the 19th century, when the Italian wine industry began to grow strongly. Homes grow like mushrooms into a town. In the countryside, people build into groups of 5-7 apartments in the middle of the farm for storage.
When this town began to become a popular tourist destination in Europe, most of the houses, especially in the town turned into a souvenir shop, a coffee shop, a restaurant ..., to serve tourists, only a few used to stay. Items sold mainly are miniature trullo models, or items that simulate stone huts, small typical gifts for tourists who want to buy as gifts or to display souvenirs.

The most romantic moment of the day is when the sunset falls, the walls are painted white, stretching over the hill, making many people like this town like Santorini (Greece), an ideal place for couples to come and watch. sunset, take wedding photos or simply enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful little town buoy.

High season is in August, when the sun is warm, flowers along the road bloom. At this time, not only tourists but many couples who are about to marry also take each other to take photos in the middle of town like in fairy tales. Any corner of Alberobello easily becomes a beautiful virtual living background that makes her excited.

If you have a chance to visit beautiful Italy, then make a trip with this "shoe heel". Find the peninsula of Puglia to see firsthand the fairytale town with special stone huts, watch the romantic sunset fall, and hear people tell about the exciting history of this town.


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