Discover 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Italy (Part 2)

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6. Florence

The thousands-year-old city of Florence is considered the cradle of Renaissance art in Europe, with such famous names as Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Michelangelo ... so you can not only see Ancient architecture but also can see firsthand the unique art works in a brilliant period of European civilization.

Florence has the beauty of stone paved streets, brown-red-roofed houses, ancient castles or churches, museums full of precious statues and paintings. It is also known as an attractive gastronomic city with dishes of Mediterranean flavor.

Come to Florence, do not miss the Lairentien library built in the 15th century, with a simple architecture but the Italian polite, or the famous Doumo square known as the gathering of impressive works of the Renaissance artist. If you want to enjoy the whole of Florence, you can visit the 89m high Campanile bell tower or the large Michel-Ange square and once admire the impressive architecture of the old churches and cathedrals.

7. Venice
In Latin, Venice means love, so this Italian north-eastern city is favored as 'love mecca' or 'Italy's most romantic city'. It is possible to imagine Venice as a giant 'spider web' with interlacing canals, hundreds of large and small bridges. Each year Venice attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, however, the city still retains the poetic and quiet beauty inherent.

The attraction of this city comes from the long and magnificent architecture such as palaces, churches, monasteries ... the peaceful and simple beauty of the old town and the typical gondola boats floating on the blue channel. Venetian cuisine is famous for its oriental-flavored seafood dishes that are rarely found in Italian.
A special thing in Venice is that the only urban area in Europe existed in the 21st century that has absolutely no cars and trucks. You can walk around the old town in the fresh, pleasant atmosphere or take a romantic trip on a gondola boat along the blue canal, watching the colorful blocks around.
8. Genoa
Genoa, the port city on the Ligurian coast in northern Italy, has yet to receive much attention that it deserves, with its nostalgic and calm beauty somewhat overshadowed by destinations so famous as Venice. or Rome. Genoa is a port located on the shores of the Mediterranean which was established from ancient times, the glorious history and the splendor of long-standing architectures is a distinct attraction of the city.

One of Genoa's most prominent destinations is the San Loenzo church with a 12th-century zebra pattern from the Renaissance, or the city's iconic Genoa Seaport. In addition, tourists should spend time for medieval architectural monuments such as churches, cathedrals ... and impressive museums in the city.
9. Cinque Terre town
Dubbed the most colorful town in the world, Italian tourism must not miss the beauty of the fairy town of Cinque Terre. Located along the Liguria coast in northwest Italy, Cinque Terre town was formed from medieval times, bearing the Mediterranean imprint with its colorful houses series on the hillsides and rock cliffs. Looking from above, the town is like an impressive oil painting and this original, original beauty is also the reason that Cinque Terre becomes one of Italy's top travel destinations.

In Italian, Cinque Terre means 'five lands', because it consists of 5 beautiful villages including Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, two of which are the most beautiful villages in Italy. The common point of these 5 villages is to lie on a terraced hillside with fields stretching and connected by a 42km long coastal road.
10. Positano
As the "hidden gem" of Italy on the Amalfi coast, the city of Positano on Salerrno Bay is an ideal destination for a wonderful holiday in the beautiful Mediterranean. On the deep blue sea side are white houses winding along hillsides, brilliant confetti and fruitful tropical gardens, anyone who once set foot on the Amalfi coast is difficult can resist this picturesque beauty of Positano.

Positano is quite hot in the summer and cool in the winter, yet summer is still a time when tourists everywhere flock to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. In addition to the coast of Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo, you can visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta or take a leisurely stroll on the paved streets around this small town.


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