There Is A Romantic Europe Where Rivers Flow Through

If there is a common point between cities on the river, then it is peace and dreaming. Whether it's the capital of light Paris, an ancient Moscow or monumental buildings in Amsterdam, when you look at these cities from the rivers, you will have a completely different impression of them and It's like discovering a very different, unseen beauty of these European cities.

A romantic Paris by the Seine river.

The Seine river is as poetic as a veil stretching across beautiful Paris. Forget a Paris with the lavish streets, shimmering shopping centers or the leading fashion capital of the world ... standing on the bow of a boat turning the water between the Seine, you will only see one Paris is peaceful and serene beside the water floating, far away is the Eiffel Tower towering in the blue sky, with the blue color of the river. A mesmerizing beauty of the 'light capital' that you can hardly deny.

Come to Paris, the romantic capital of France, don't forget to visit the icons of this city such as the famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Triumphal Arch or the romantic Montmartre hill. You will also encounter classic European beauty in museums or modern architecture throughout the streets.
Amsterdam ancient in the taste of the Rhine river.
In the beautiful Rhine River is Amsterdam's old-fashioned look, the sophisticated interplay between the past and the future. The quiet canals, the spectacular architectural works of Gothic style are the highlights of this city. Even the name Amsterdam is derived from the dam on the Amstel River, perhaps because of that, the city has always been inherently peaceful and poetic like rivers.

Come to an ancient Amsterdam on the banks of the Rhine River, do not forget to visit the impressive architecture, Vondelpark park, Damrak avenue or Madame Tussaud building, admire the classic art works of Van Gogh, Picasso, Mondria ... in prestigious museums. Coming to Amsterdam is to windmill villages entering poetry, gardens and colorful tulip or peaceful countryside scenery, all create a colorful picture for Nederland.

Budapest - the romantic highlight of the Danube river.
Perhaps no place on the Danube is as beautiful and romantic as in Budapest. Stretching on both sides of the poetic Danube, Budapest is worthy of being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with its magnificent palaces, splendid cathedrals shining down into the smooth blue river. Arriving in Budapest, perhaps there is nothing better than sailing on the river and admiring the beauty of the Renaissance architecture combined with the glamorous modern buildings.

Budapest enchants tourists not only because of its poetic beauty on the Danube, but also because of the unique interference between both East-West cultures and impressive cuisine. Here you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy famous foie gras in Europe or traditional fish soup halaszle.
A magical Moscow on the banks of the Moscow River.
If you are impressed with the glamor of the vast Russia, you will probably go from surprise to fascination with the beauty of the capital where the Moscow River flows. Inside a historic city with ancient buildings such as squares, churches, cathedrals, is a poetic but equally vibrant Moscow on the river.

Russia is still mysterious and splendid, but you will discover a very romantic and poetic Moscow if you let your soul into the poetic beauty of this city on the Moscow River.

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