Strange 'eyes' Houses In Romania

Sibiu (Romania) is not only known as the home of Dracula vampires but also famous for street houses with a unique architecture: eyes-shaped windows on the roof. Let's explore this strange and unique house in southern Europe.

Sibiu city, Transylvania in Romania
Transylvania, Romania is known as the hometown of Dracula vampires, home to Bran castle - inspired by Bram Stoker's novel classic Dracula. However contrary to what you imagine about the murky forests or ancient castles where vampires hide, this place is blessed with vast barley fields, lush forests. and the majestic valley ... or the peaceful countryside and the old town are worth a visit.

In addition to Dracula's famous castle, you should not miss Sibiu, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Romania. The city is located on the banks of the Cibin River, a tributary of the Olt River, the capital of Sibiu County, about 280 km northwest of Bucharest, which was once the capital of Transylvania in history.

'Eyes' houses in Sibiu, Romania

One of the things that makes Sibiu leave a very special impression to visitors is by walking around the streets of the city, you will not stop feeling strange and quite 'creepy' as if being watched by one '. force 'somehow. And what's interesting is that this feeling doesn't come from your imagination, but the houses here are really 'eyes'!

But luckily for you, these 'eyes' are actually windows that are designed in the same shape as the human eyes on the roofs of Sibiu, only more commonly are houses in the south and east of the city. This unique architectural style not only evokes the curiosity of visitors but also feels like the city never sleeps, what other houses are 'looking and talking' in animated films?

The reason that the houses in this town possess this unique architecture is because the local people think that the eyes-shaped windows have the effect of cooling the attic floor, which is often used as a meat store, cheese and cereals. At the same time this type of window also helps more effectively ventilate, preventing sunlight from shining directly into the house.

Another reason that you might not expect is that these 'eyes' houses were previously built for the real purpose of 'tracking'. Legend has it that between the 15th and the 19th centuries when the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu came to power, he built these "eye houses" with the aim of making people feel scared when 'being watched', remind them to behave properly, do not do anything obscure. Therefore, this architecture also causes many distractions for the people, in particular, if they do not build houses in this way, they will be questioned and included in the 'black list'.

Over the decades, the eyes on the roof are still there and continue their "observation" of the people. For tourists, these 'eyes' are one of the impressive points of the city, passing through the streets you will inevitably feel 'creepy' as if being seen through the double. This eye ', but also not interested in their unique strange looks. The quiet, quiet atmosphere of an old town accompanied by legend stories about vampires makes this place more mysterious.

Sibiu is not only a home of exotic and unique architecture, but Sibiu is also an important cultural center of Romania in particular and Europe in general, and Sibiu has been chosen as the European cultural capital of the year. 2007. The city was also ranked by Forbes magazine as the 8th place in the list of "The Most Poetic Cities Worth Living in Europe". Also, in Transylvania outside Sibiu you should also visit other equally interesting places like Bran Castle in Bran town, Hunyad Castle in Hunedoara or the poetic Prahova valley.

For those who love strange and mysterious things, this Romanian Transylvania land is an ideal place to travel with your imagination. Not only is the land rich in history and culture, you are also captivated by these beautiful little old towns and thrilling legend stories in this 'vampire land'.


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