10 Destinations Worth Visiting In Asia

1. Busan - South Korea

Referring to 'Kimchi Land', outside Seoul, the port city of Busan is also a must-see destination in this country. Busan owns a natural landscape of charming mountain river, beautiful beaches and impressive culture and cuisine.

Busan was chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the most visited destinations in 2018. Coming to Busan, visitors can find a lot of interesting experiences such as visiting the unique Buddhist temple Haedong Yonggungsa, taking a dip in a hot mineral spring, enjoying a seafood party by the sea or Jagalchi fish market - Largest fish market in Korean.

To get to Busan, you can combine with other locations in your Korean travel schedule or fly directly from Vietnam to Gimhae International Airport, Busan.

2. Uzbekistan
Since before 2017, Uzbekistan is a rather unfamiliar name on the tourist map, but now, Uzbekistan has made great strides in opening tourism, visa programs and expanding its network. No, railways, make it easy for visitors to reach this country.

Although still lagging behind its neighbors in many ways, Uzbekistan is still a potential destination for those who like to explore with magnificent mosques or the legendary Silk Road.

3. Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is always honored to be in the list of the most visited destinations in Asia not only Lonely Planet but also many other famous magazines in the world, enough to see this city has a lot of charm.

The city is a perfect combination of long-standing classic features and modern young life, not only attracting visitors by historical museums, creative buildings and cafes, but also by the street food. Excellent city and friendly people.

4. Western Ghats – India
Western Ghats or Sahyādri is a mountain range running along the west coast of India. The mountain range runs from north to south along the western corner of the Deccan plateau, and separates the plateau from a narrow, eastern region along the Arabian Sea.

It is known as one of the most mysterious lands in the world and is also a leading biodiversity point in the world, you will find here from wild animals to plants and flowers. rare, even this land still has countless species still unexplored. Western Ghats is famous for being the kingdom of tigers and king cobra, so this mountain range will give you a unique experience that is not everywhere.

5. Nagasaki – Japan

For many people, perhaps Japan's Nagasaki left an impression of being an unfortunate city suffering from the atomic bomb explosion of 1945, but now the city has transformed itself into one of the places worth visiting most in Asia with landmarks that are historical witnesses and excellent natural scenery.

To Nagasaki, do not miss Nagasaki Peace Park, ancient temples with unique architecture, peaceful hills or the opportunity to visit the Nagasaki atomic bomb museum that holds war records.

6. Chiang Mai - Thailand

Being likened to the Northern Thailand Red Ball, Chiang Mai is known as an ancient city, peaceful and majestic nature, one of the destinations you should not miss when traveling to the Golden Temple Country. The city is an intersection between ancient and modern features of magnificent buildings, golden painted stupas and ancient bold neighborhoods.

As one of the 10 most visited destinations in Asia, not as vibrant as Bangkok or bustling as Phuket, to Chiang Mai you will be able to cease to be in front of a peaceful, quiet land with warm people here.

7. Lumbini – Nepal
For decades, Lumbini was just a short stopover of travelers on their way to India from Nepal, unaware that they had overlooked the legendary birthplace of the Buddha. Despite the legacy inherited, this sacred land is not yet well-known in the tourist map, however with the efforts of the government and the Buddhist community, a new international airport is built, making it easier for visitors to access this mysterious land.

Lumbini is not only a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site but also a destination that you should not miss when visiting Nepal, the holy place of Buddhism.

8. Arugam Bay - Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka has always been famous as one of the hottest countries in the world, the Arugam Bay, on the other hand, will let visitors enjoy the cool natural atmosphere and top-notch surfing experience. Dubbed the "surfing paradise", this must be a destination not to be missed not only for the followers of this sport but also for those who love the smooth white sand beach.

If the emerald green beaches are still not attractive enough for you, Arugam Bay still has many interesting activities from visiting crocodile marshes, Kumana National Park where elephants and leopard live ... until the lively parties in the beach bars.

9. Sichuan - China

The peaceful ancient villages, the towering towers, the lovely pandas or the unique cuisine are the things that attract tourists to Sichuan province in southwest China.

Sichuan tourism, visitors should not ignore the famous Buddha Leshan statue carved into the mountain, Hailuo Valley where there is a pure glacier or paradise down the Nine Worlds camp. In addition, from 2018, visitors can experience the Sichuan - Tibet railway and visit Jiuzhaigou National Park that has reopened after the 2017 earthquake.

10. Komodo dragon island - Indonesia

Komodo National Park is located on the island of Komodo dragon in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, Indonesia. This is home to thousands of Komodo dragons - the largest type of lizard in the world. In addition to exploring this unique creature, you can also experience coral diving or admire the magical beauty of the rare Pantai Mera beach in the world.

Not as much tourism as other islands in Indonesia such as Bali or Lombok, Komodo dragon island still has very few steps to explore, so nature here is still very pristine. Arriving at the island, visitors must purchase tickets to Komodo National Park and follow the local tour guide because sometimes Komodo dragons will attack visitors if they are close in contact. The unique experience of this wilderness and the poetic beauty of the island makes Komodo one of the most visited destinations in Asia that you cannot ignore.

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