17 Cities Worth Coming To Asia (Part 2)

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Asia represents a traditional Oriental culture; cities are always among the most attractive tourist destinations in the world every year. How many of the Asian cities have you come up with?

10. Singapore

Singapore, a city as if coming out of the book of science fiction, has become an economic power in the past half. The standard of living there is quite high, the most modern, cleanest city, and many other reasons that make it a worthwhile city. Singapore is seen as a shopping paradise with lots of shopping centers, high-end fashion stores everywhere. In addition, there are excellent architecture, culture and public art works. The Garden by the Bay is the Singapore Botanic Gardens that has stunned so many visitors, these 2 buildings are symbolic for the city. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy great food, with a mix of cultures. Don't miss Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian coconut meal, including anchovies, cucumber and chili; Bak Kut Teh, a Chinese-flavored soup made from pork ribs and 5 special spices; You even find cakes with British flavor to use with tea.

11. Ubud (Bali)

The tranquility of Ubud village is a mecca for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in nature and culture, here is a wild beauty and possesses one of the best spas in Asia. Enjoy the famous Balinese massage service, essential oil relaxation, full body reflexology or foot reflexology. Enjoy Ubud's vibrant art scene with excellent museums and galleries. Don't miss the nearby Monkey Forest Park nature reserve, where you'll find hundreds of mischievous long-tailed monkeys.

12. Kathmandu (Nepal)

The capital of Nepal is surrounded by immense valleys of historical monuments. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage sites here, including the Swayambhu and Bauddhanath Buddhist stupas, Durbar Square of Hanuman Dhoka, Patan and Bhaktapur, as well as Hindu temples of Pashupati and Changu Narayan. Guests can mingle with the locals at the sites of Durbar Square or take a climb in Thamel District, shop for woolen towels, carpets and printing paper created by local artisans. Don't miss the fascinating Nepal dumplings when you come here.

13. Hoi An (Vietnam)

Located on the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An is one of the most beautiful towns in Southeast Asia. As an old town belonging to the national heritage, no motor vehicle is allowed to travel here, visitors can only walk, bike or ride by a cycle. Stroll on cobblestone streets with charming shops and cafes, an old uncle mixed with colors from traditional lanterns. Hoi An is the home of the best tailors in the country - give them a picture of what you want to sew, they will show up and make it for you in a few hours, with surprisingly low prices.

14. Mumbai (India)

Mumbai is not a place if you are going to seek calmness, escape the crowd and chaos, but there will be some peaceful moments in this busiest city. Walk on the beach at Chowpatty, or visit Mani Bhavan - once home to Mahatma Gandhi. Taste street food, where you will find delicious and varied dishes, culinary delights in every corner of this city. Shopping is really an adventure here, winding through the colorful stalls, the vibrant colors of beautiful embroidery and charming silk bands, the magic of India seems to lie here…

15. Seoul (South Korea)

Seoul is a vibrant economic power city, the commercial and cultural center of Korea. Here skyscrapers are interwoven among Buddhist temples. From Seoul Tower, built on the highest peak of Namsan Park, visitors can enjoy the entire city scene. The food here is very special, with almost all ingredients locally grown, usually beef is the main dish and other snacks are served unlimitedly, including soup, Fresh vegetables mixed with spicy sauce, all served at the table. You will experience extremely exciting nightlife, friendly people and an attractive culture with the motto "Work hard, play hard".

16. Phuket (Thailand)
Thailand's largest province has attracted many tourists over the centuries, one of the main trade routes between India and China. Today, Phuket is the country's premier resort, especially Patong Beach, and there are more than 15 large beaches and beautiful white sand beaches, all located close to each other, helping visitors choose for I have the most perfect beach. The beaches here are viewed as the most charming in Southeast Asia, with sandy beaches gently sloping to the blue sea, ending in straight horizon. The coastal restaurants not only give you a great view, but also serve delicious fresh seafood, local vegetables, and noodles with a unique flavor that has been infused for a long time.

17. Boracay (Philippines)

The beautiful Boracay Island is becoming a popular tourist destination today, with Travel & Leisure readers voting here as the second most desirable island in the world. White Beach - a bright star of the island with sandbanks stretching nearly 3 miles, along with high-end restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts. Jump on a yacht, surf the deep sea and snorkel the coral to admire the masterpiece of the sea here. After watching the beautiful sunset, you can enjoy live music and watch the dancing, boisterous and vibrant dance dancers last all night.


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